Supply Chain Management

Accelerate and optimize your end-to-end procure-to-pay process. Supply chain management products from Suresoft™ can enable you to integrate processes and enforce contract compliance for both supply-side and supplier-side requirements – throughout the extended supply chain as well as distribution.   Suresoft™ Advanced Planning and Optimization Suresoft™ Advanced Planning and Optimization (Suresoft™ APO) offers a fully […]

Human Resource Management

Develop, manage, and empower your people to succeed. Human capital management products from Suresoft™ can help your organization hire and retain the right people, manage the work environment, streamline HR processes, ensure legal compliance, and create a people-centric organization.   Suresoft™ Assessment Management by Question mark Author and deliver employee surveys, quizzes, tests, and exams […]

Database Management

Turn vast amounts of data into meaningful insights that your organization can act on.  Database and Data management products from Suresoft™ allow you to collect and manage data, store and retrieve data from one or more sources, and distribute that information to one or more audiences quickly and accurately.   Suresoft™ Adaptive Server Enterprise Drive […]

Financial Management

Streamline and automate finance, controlling, and asset management. Financial management products from Suresoft™ enable you to support critical business processes for essential corporate functions. Suresoft™ Access Control With Suresoft™ Access Control, managers can review and approve time-sensitive access requests. Suresoft™ Access Violation Management by Greenlight The Suresoft™ Access Violation Management application by Greenlight enables you […]

Enterprise Management

Improve the performance of your core business and business support processes inside and outside your organization. Our enterprise management products support end-to-end business processes that span organizational boundaries and can be integrated with other business partners. Suresoft™ Business ByDesign Run your entire business on a single, cloud-based software solution, ideally suited for upper mid-size businesses […]

Customer Relationship Management

Provide marketing, sales, and service professionals with complete customer intelligence to manage relationships and customer-related processes. Our customer relationship management products enable you to define customers based on their industry and personalize the customer experience. Suresoft™ Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning Suresoft™ Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning powered by Suresoft™ HANA can help you analyze massive volumes […]

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