Digital Advertising Operations

Suresoft™ Digital Advertising Team customizes our Digital Advertising Services to your dealership’s competitive market place to maximize your ROI for your marketing budget.  In order to to get your dealership the absolute Maximum Leads, Phone Calls, and ultimately, Vehicle Sales and ROI for your digital advertising budget, we incorporate factors like:

  • Your actual vehicle Sales Data from your DMS
  • Your Real-Time Inventory and Pricing Feeds
  • Your Existing Customer Base data for targeting Fixed Ops and Equity Mining Campaigns
  • Your Competition’s Bid Strategies and Geo-Targeting

Search Engine Marketing

Complete AdWords/Website Integration & Click-to-Lead Analytics


Increase ROI on the Marketing You’ve Already Done.

Display Advertising

Build Brand Awareness for your Dealership.

Dynamic Vehicle Ads

Generate ads focused on vehicles in your inventory to improve ROI & conversions.

Social Advertising

Reach car buyers on social platforms with our in-depth demographic targeting and proactive strategies.

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