Testing & Quality Assurance

We Go Beyond Basic Functional Testing to Improve the Overall Experience for Users

Software testing is a vast subject. There are software applications and system engineered for numerous domains and industries, and for a tester, every testing project is a new challenge because he has to understand the client’s point of view and the domain before moving on with testing activities. From project to project, a tester may have to change the testing methodologies as well. It is therefore very important to keep the fundamentals right. Getting the fundamentals right in the first place is biggest prerequisite to become successful in software testing.

Why Software Testing Is Necessary?

An error, defect or a bug can be caused by developers. It is not intentional but considering the complexity with which various software are being developed these days, it is quite possible for a developer to misunderstand and implement wrong logic and produce wrong code.

Testing is necessary because it helps us in identifying the faults in software. Once these defects have been detected they can be easily rectified and quality of the software can be improved. So, software testing is necessary so that bug free applications can be developed and delivered. When a company decides to develop software for a client there are certain legal, contractual and industry-specific requirements based on the deal is made. A quality conscious company will definitely include software testing in its best practices.

It is difficult to say how much testing is enough but the fact is that if testing is planned carefully and good test cases are made then it is very much possible to deliver high quality software.

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